One Perfect Place for Film Lovers


One Perfect Shot is a place that all cinephiles should be familiar with. It is a website with a great Twitter account that I greatly suggest you follow. The website is a database of the best “shots” from a superabundance of films. It is almost like a website full of pictures from films that truly makes one appreciate the mise-en-scene of a shot. Even movies that aren’t particularly good get their chance to show off their ability to make a wonderful frame of film. That is one thing that I truly admire about this website.

This website isn’t all just frames from movies though. It also has a ton of other things that any film lover would enjoy. It has a great section that is all about news in the world of film. Another section is various features that the website contains like videos on the art of video effects. Another feature is interviews with different people from the film industry and a section on what was just added to Netflix’s stream service.


My favorite section of the site is its videos. These videos contain everything from essays to mashup trailers to fan-made trailers. One video could be an essay on the change of Japanese Cinema from Ozu to Kurosawa while another video could be Luke Cage transformed into an 80’s sitcom. The website also has an array of behind the scenes photographs and storyboards from films. It is a truly great and unique website. It is a website that a person can easily spend hours on without even realizing how much time has passed. You will not be disappointed.

Update: One Perfect Shot’s website is now included in the website Film School Rejects. Check it out!


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